A beginner's guide to hot- and cold-smoked fish, meat, cheese and vegetables

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ISBN 9780857833723
Format Hardback
Published 04 May 2017
Size 234 x 189 MM
Pages 144


Smoking is one of the oldest and most delicious ways of preserving and flavouring a wide range of food, from fish and meat to vegetables and dairy products. Charlotte Pike provides an essential guide for anyone who wants to try their hand at this ancient technique – whether a beginner or more experienced cook – with step-by-step instructions for both hot and cold smoking, as well as guidance on ready-to-use equipment to suit all budgets, from stovetop smoking to mastering the Big Green Egg and even building your own DIY cold smoker. With an inspiring variety of tried-and-tested recipes for smoked ingredients, plus dishes to showcase them, including smoked chicken and chorizo paella; cold-smoked salmon platter; Asian smoked mackerel salad; melanzane parmigiana with smoked mozzarella; and barbecued lobster with smoked butter, this is your go-to smoking guide, filled with irresistible recipes to savour and share.

Author Information

Charlotte Pike is the bestselling author of the Fermented, nominated for an André Simon Food Book Award, and the Hungry Student series. She is a graduate of the Ballymaloe Cookery School and will give a smoking workshop at the Ballymaloe LitFest in May 2017. She was a judge for the Guild of Food Writers Awards in 2013 and owns and runs an award-winning, free-from bakery in Dorset that she set up in 2009.

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