Skinny Salads

80 flavour-packed recipes of less than 300 calories

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ISBN 9780857833686
Format Paperback
Published 27 Apr 2017
Size 229 x 164 MM
Pages 160


Salads are perfect for big-flavour meals, but pre-made ones are often covered with sugary dressings and are full of preservatives for extended shelf life, so Kathryn Bruton has ramped up the health-factor with her range of skinny salads to suit everyone, whether they want something warming and comforting; refreshing and revitalising; or all-out wow. Chapters cover Gloriously Green, Comfort, Simple, Classics, Show-Off and Fruit Salads, and include gluten free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan recipes. Plus there’s a section with extra-good-for-you dressings, condiments and pickles. From warming Kofta Salad, a ‘Wind me Down’ Winter’s Evening Salad and tasty Spiced Roasted Plum Salad to a twist on the classic, Caesar Salad with Purple Kale, Kathryn minimises the use of sugary, heavy dressings and bland leaves and brings fresh, nutrient-packed ingredients. Each salad is less than 300 calories per portion, but still jam-packed with flavour.

Author Information

Kathryn is a food writer and stylist hailing from Ireland and based in London. Her debut cookbook, Skinny Soups has won critical acclaim and achieved worldwide success, being translated into eight different languages and adapted for American audiences. Her second book, Skinny Salads is hitting the shelves in spring 2017. Kathryn has spent the best part of ten years working in the food industry, and her cookbooks reflect her ambition to create enticing, unusual and exciting recipes that are high in nutrition and low in calories. Her ideas will help you create show-stopping dishes bursting with flavour for every meal of the day. You can find more recipes from Kathryn on her website or follow her food endeavours on Instagram @kathryn_bruton

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