Simply Wonderwoman: A survival guide for women with too much to do

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Price 17.99
ISBN 9780857830586
Format Hardback
Published 7th October 2011
Size 258 x 212 x 26
Pages 192


Simply Wonderwoman is about helping you have the life you want, not the crazy muddled one that's foisted on you once you have children, when suddenly order and time for yourself goes out the window. Two-thirds of mothers are combining bringing up children with working, which means there are a lot of us out there skimming along, struggling to stay on top of the never-ending tide of tasks those two jobs throw at us. So this book is about passing on strategies, tips and ideas that really make a difference to your life, by saving time, money and effort. It is laid out in bite-sized chunks, so that you can just pick out one thing to do each day. It's about doing things fast and smart - not being perfect.

Author Information

Joanna is a journalist, broadcaster and mother of three daughters. She has worked as a broadcast journalist for twenty years. She is a well-known face on BBC Television News, as the main evening anchor on the BBC's News Channel and occasional presenter on BBC1. This is Joanna's first book. She wrote it after deciding she'd spent too long feeling like her head was full and it was time to get a strategy for coping with a busy life to allow her time to indulge in her passion for creativity and making. Her mantra is 'Minimum effort, maximum return.'

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