Love your Skin

The ultimate guide to a glowing complexion

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ISBN 9780857834140
Format Hardback
Published 25 May 2017
Size 246 x 189 MM
Pages 192


Renowned throughout the beauty industry for her ‘healing hands’, Abigail draws on a decade of practical expertise to provide real solutions to skincare issues.

The skin you look at in the mirror is not the same as that of a friend’s. Just because they swear by an amazing face cream doesn’t mean it’s going to be your skincare hero too. Your genetic background, where you live, and what you eat will all have an impact, as will your stress and hydration levels, gut health and sleep patterns. Covering everything from the key product ingredients to look out for, to alternative low-cost solutions and home-made beauty products that really work, Abigail’s advice will truly benefit your complexion. From her top habits for healthy skin, to the best professional treatments and methods, by way of facial yoga and massage, Love Your Skin is all you need to ensure your skin is always at its best.

Author Information

Abigail James trained as a therapist in her early 20s and has established herself as one of London’s most respected voices within the health and beauty industry. She works regularly with top lifestyle brands and is also a resident skin care expert at a number of respected health and detox retreats. Abigail was on the founding team of consultants at Grace Belgravia Private Members’ Club. Out of the treatment room, Abigail can be found backstage prepping skin for the catwalk and other prestigious events.; Twitter: @Abigail_James; Instagram: @abigailjames1

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