Healthy Eating During Chemotherapy

Price 14.99
ISBN 9781856268165
Format Paperback
Published 29th January 2009
Size 220 x 210 mm
Pages 176


With recipes devised by a chef and based on nutritional advice, this is a much-needed cookbook for people whose lives are touched by the cancer treatment chemotherapy.
It contains over 100 recipes that have been created to excite the palate without over-stimulating it, together with helpful advice and practical information.
It's an easy, flexible and appetising guide and a source of inspiration for everyday dishes that the patient is likely to enjoy, so that they're able to eat enough to keep their strength up.

Author Information

Jose van Mil grew up in her father's restaurant and trained at the Cordon Bleu Cookery School in London. She currently works as a food stylist and culinary consultant to a number of food brands.
Marja Lantinga works as a dietician at the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam and specialises in the treatment of cancer patients.
Christine Mackenzie-Archer is a radiologist and psychologist and member of the Board of Governors of London's University College Hospital.

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