Children's Letters to God

The New Collection

Price 5.99
ISBN 9781856269100
Format Hardback
Published 08 Oct 2009
Size 140 x 145 mm
Pages 96


Children's Letters to God is the unassuming national bestseller that has featured in Cardinal O'Connor's sermons, has been read by Oprah Winfrey to her viewers, and been given as a gift to over one million readers young and old.
It is a wonderful portrait of how children view their world: a charming, funny and moving collection of letters expressing that part of a child's world reserved for special thoughts and wishes. Covering beliefs and desires to questions and doubts that are urgent and common to all children, many of the letters are disarmingly wise, others naive; some are knowing, some simple; some reverent, some not so reverent. All of them are addressed to God with much hope and trust.
A truly uplifting book which provides a sometimes humorous, insight into the dilemmas, puzzlements, suggestions, wishes and complaints common to children everywhere.

Author Information

Stuart Hample lives in New York. With two songwriters, he adapted 'Children's Letters' into a small musical that had a six-month's run off-Broadway. In addition to children's literature, Hample is also a renowned playwright, performer and cartoonist.
EricMarshall's works, including Children's Letters to God and Kids Talk About Heaven, are refreshingly unassuming considering the subject matter. These delightful little books have charmed their way up the bestseller lists.

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