The Essential Guide to Choosing and Keeping Happy, Healthy Hens.

Price 14.99
ISBN 9780857830692
Format Paperback
Published 22nd March 2012
Size 240 x 210 mm
Pages 144


Keeping chickens is fun, relaxing, and low maintenance, plus you have the added benefit of your own known source of fresh eggs.
In Chickens, poultry breeders Graham Page and Suzie Baldwin offer a practical guide to everything the beginner needs to know, from whether to buy chicks or hens, what varieties to chose, how to tell if you're buying a healthy chicken and how to ensure it stays that way, to how many chickens you should keep, and what kind of coop to buy.
They also answer all the questions commonly posed by first-time owners, from whether chickens ever fly away and how quickly they will start laying, to how to prevent them being attacked by foxes and what to do when they become unwell.

Author Information

Suzie Baldwin grew up on a farm in Devon. She has kept chickens for more than 20 years and has recently moved to her own smallholding in Surrey.

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