101 Things for Kids to do on a Rainy Day

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Price 14.99
ISBN 9780857833075
Format Paperback
Published 15th October 2015
Size 223 x 213 x 16
Pages 224


From the author of 101 Things for Kids to do Outside, which has fast become a go-to book for children and parents alike, comes this excellent new volume full of creative (and occasionally crazy) ideas for things to do when the weather is bad and you're stuck inside - without having to go any where near a TV or computer screen! Why not grow a windowsill herb garden, make your own jigsaw, or learn to play the glasses? Get crafty with decoupage and salt dough, or play detective by dusting for fingerprints. Exciting makes include terrariums and kaleidoscopes, whilst wacky games cover everything from Balloon Stomp to Sticky Note Scramble. All 101 ideas are designed to be achievable with little or no parental help, and only use materials that you already have around the house. With a wealth of creative and fun suggestions to keep you amused, you might not even notice that the rain has stopped.

Author Information

Dawn Isaac is an award-winning garden designer and the mother of three young children. Her popular blog www.littlegreenfingers.com is the featured blog on the RHS family website. Dawn writes on garden design for the Guardian, The Telegraph, Good Housekeeping and The Garden, and runs Family Garden Design courses in association with Mumsnet Academy. She is the author of 101 Things for Kids to do Outside, also published by Kyle Books.

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